Walk & Talk

Walk & Talk is a possibility to 'get fresh air' physically and mentally.

Choose Walk & Talk

  • when you want to or/ need to have good company with another human being capable of being mindfull and listening
  • when you just want to have company
  • when you want someone to share your joys and succeses with
  • when you just want to share the joy of being here and now, now, now, now.

Walk & Talk* is

  • Active meditation
  • Mindfull walking
  • Open air Coaching light
  • Being here and now
  • Sharing joy of being alive.

Walk means walk, so we walk, make stops, sit down, admire, breath, however/whatever our impulses are.

Talk means talk. If you want to talk we talk, If you prefer silence, we are silet. Or, a combination. We can have a conversation, or you can talk while I listen. You decide.

You can talk to me

  • about private secrets or considerations, sorrows or joys
  • about your wishes or dreams in order to get inspiration to manifest them step by step, inch by inch.

I prefer meeting early in the morning, before 'rumbling of life' begins, but we can meet at a time convenient for both of us between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.

On vacation in Fredensborg?

Choose Walk & Talk with a local.

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For appointments all weekdays between 6 am and 8 pm:
Send an e-mail to info@birgitmaanestraale.dk
Or text eller call via 29 31 79 01.

Read about Walk & Talk in Danish ?here.

Birgit Månestråle

Let me show you how
you can
learn Danish with ease
let me show you tools
and give you inspiration to clarify
and achieve your dreams by focusing on
Possibility Thinking.

Begin by making a
20 minute appointment via phone or Skype.

Suggest your favourite time slot between 8 am & 8 pm on weekdays by writing to